Clothing material options available to you

The clothes that we wear can be made from a number of different materials and depending on what garment you have chosen you might come across a number of these in a complete outfit. There are a number of materials that are most common in clothing and they are either chosen for the strength of the material and its durability or for the way in which it will drape on the body.

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Here are just a couple of material options to give you an idea of what is available.

Denim – this is a hard wearing fabric that was originally used for jeans but over the years it has been used to design jackets, shirts, skirts and dresses and it is used in a number of accessory items as well such as for decorative facings on shoes and to make bags.

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Cotton – this a very traditional fabric that has a long history in the world of fashion. One of the great qualities of cotton is that it is very breathable which means it makes for a wonderful material to use on work clothing such as Mens Farah Oxford Shirts that you can see from stockists such as EJ Menswear. It is also a material that can be dyed into a number of different colours which makes it incredibly versatile for use on a number of different clothing items.


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