Aran sweaters, the clothing choice of the rich and famous.

World celebrities, the rich and famous have all chosen to wear traditional aran sweaters, Taylor Swift, Chris Evans, Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Grace Kelly to name just a few.  Looking effortlessly cool, smart and sophisticated, these timeless and fashionable aran sweaters have been seen on movie sets such as “Knives Out” and “The Thomas Crown Affair”.  Back in the 1960’s the popular Irish Folk Band, The Clancy Brothers, made them their signature look, while Elvis Presley wore his in his classic movie “Jailhouse Rock”.  It was while touring the United States and staying in New York that the Clancy Brothers were sent some aran sweaters by their mother, when she heard about the severe snowstorms that were bombarding the City.  Helping to keep them both warm and dry these versatile items of clothing were an immediate hit.

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Available from a traditional, reputable stockist such as they are incredibly warm in the winter as well as rain resistant, so help to keep you dry should you be caught in a sudden shower.  Originally worn by the hardworking fishermen and farmers of the remote Aran islands, these warm, rain resistant sweaters were a traditional, daily choice of clothing for these hardy men.

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You could look smart, sophisticated, elegant and cool by wearing an Aran Sweater of your own, blend in with the rich and famous and look like a celebrity.

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