Boom in Pet Care Means the Rise of Pampered Pooches

Pet care is big business as more and more people look for grooming services for their beloved animals. Dog grooming is particularly popular, but other services increasing in popularity include pamper sessions for animals such as cats, rabbits, hamsters and chickens. Other services on offer for pampered pets include pet-sitting and taxi services. There are many Cheltenham dog grooming options for pet lovers in the area.

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Dog-Grooming Services

Dog-grooming practices are varied and depend on the breed of dog and his or her preferences. Some dogs love some pampering, while others need a bit of coaxing to get into the hairdresser’s chair! Long-haired dogs, such as golden retrievers, need more intensive grooming to keep their coat neat and sleek; short-haired dogs, such as greyhounds, do not need as much combing and brushing to keep their coat under control.

Grooming salons that cater especially for dogs can offer haircuts for all breeds, and many owners like to style their dog’s hair in a classic way for that breed. For example, poodles often have their hair styled so that it is thick and curly on the body and with shaved legs and a ‘pom-pom’ of hair at the base. Other owners like to keep their dog’s hair more natural with just a basic trim enough for a happy pooch.

Hair Shedding

Good salons for dogs can also offer mobile grooming and mobile dog washing services for clients at their homes. One option many owners like to take advantage of is getting help with dog hair shedding. In the spring, long-haired dogs can shed a lot of hair, so regular grooming sessions help to remove loose hair and keep your home cleaner and free from stray pet hairs.

Pet-Sitting Services

There are many pet specialists that can offer pet care services such as dog grooming and pet-sitting, even providing sitting services for cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, hamsters, tortoises and other pets. One such option is Blossoms pet care, which provides extensive grooming services and experienced pet-sitting services.

The rise in popularity of pet grooming means that dogs are cleaner and more pampered than ever before. The pet-sitting options now available also mean owners can go on holiday with peace of mind, knowing that their pet is being well cared for.

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