Adding some fire to your Christmas Buffet

Is anyone up for a turkey sandwich? Turkey curry? Turkey pie? Whoever decided that turkey should be the main dish of the Christmas feast was clearly having a laugh.

Christmas Buffet

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Whilst turkey is almost bearable for the actual day itself if it is disguised with the multitude of optional extras such as pigs in blankets, crispy roasties, sausage meat stuffing, and Yorkshire puddings (of course, no roast dinner is complete without them), the fact that turkeys are so large means we end up eating the leftover meat for many days after the holiday has ended!

Christmas Supper

The first opportunity comes in that period just after the post-lunchtime snooze and before the adult Christmas specials at 9:00pm. This is the “Are we ready for a bit of something?” time.

A cold turkey sandwich is an absolute essential at this point. If you are lucky, someone will have had a gift of Mexican luxury Chilli sets that will at least add a little fire and taste to the obligatory soft white bread with a bit of butter on it. Add to that the frozen sausage roll that is still a bit soggy on the bottom, the cheese and onion corn sticks, and maybe a slice of ham and you’ve got the perfect extra meal that no-one really needs on Christmas Day!

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is another opportunity to drag out the turkey. Just be careful that no one mistakes the content of something like extra hot Mexican luxury Chilli Sets for cranberry. This actually happened to one British woman, but her love of chilli and all things hot failed to spoil her fun because she actually enjoyed the spiced-up offering.

Further offences

After this outing, the aforementioned turkey is probably looking a little tired and bedraggled, and the kinder people among us would probably simply wrap it well to put it into the wheely bin, which saves the local feral cats from having to resort to eating it. However, there is always that one person who just “hates to see it go to waste” and proceeds to boil the remaining carcass with a couple of onions, a carrot and maybe a few Brussels sprouts to keep that authentic taste. This is definitely a luncheon invite that it is best to avoid in the New Year.

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