What happens in “Batteries Not Included”?

The 1987 Comedy, Science Fiction film “Batteries Not Included” was originally directed by Mathew Robbins but Steven Spielberg the executive Producer loved it so much he adapted it into a full-blown movie.  Starring Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn and with a massive budget of $25 Million it’s not surprising the film went on to make a staggering $65.1 Million at the Box Office.  The story behind the cult movie is set around a group of struggling residents living in an old apartment building that “Lacey” a ruthless development manager wants to bulldoze in order to erect an exclusive new complex.

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Miraculously a pair of tiny, living Space Ships arrive at the building and begin repairing anything that’s broken, the pair then give birth to three babies, one of which needs help to survive so resident Harry repairs it and charges it up possibly using a Generator Rental that he had at his apartment.

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Meanwhile, “Lacey” is getting more and more desperate to get the unwilling residents to move so hires an Arsonist to burn down the building.  Thinking all the tenants have gone out the Arsonist sets an explosion and the building quickly becomes engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, “Faye” is still inside but is rescued in the nick of time.  The whole building is reduced to a smouldering wreck and the dejected residents think they have lost their homes.  That night the little family of Space ships bring hundreds of their friends to help rebuild the entire structure to its brand new, former glory and the once struggling residents, thrive living there.

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