Tips for packing for university

When it comes to heading off to university for the first time there can be a thousand different things running through your head. What will your lectures be like? Will you get lost on campus? How hard will the work be?

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The best way to cope with the uncertainty that you may be feeling is to take it one step at a time. Once you have oyou Student Accommodation Cheltenham way sorted, such as that offered by you should start to think about what you want to pack to take with you and what you might need to buy.

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Here is a brief list to start you off.

  • Clothes – and plenty of them. Think of every eventuality. You will need clothing for bedtime, going out , comfortable clothing for lectures and chilling out plus items that you don’t mind getting dirty if your lecture head out for field trips.
  • Bedding – make sure that you take your own pillows, quilt and a couple of covers for each of them, as well as sheets for your bed. It is also worth taking some blankets with you in case you get cold in the winter months.
  • Electrical items – mobile phone, tablet, laptop and of course don’t forget to take the chargers for all of these as well.

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