The Changes that Swept Victorian Britain

During the Victorian era in Britain, there were huge changes to the way people lived and worked. New ideas and inventions were coming along quickly which were changing life in the British Isles for most people – as industry changed and the country became more connected by the railways and canals that were being built, here are some of the inventions and ideas which changed life in Britain for good…

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Mills and factories were springing up all over the UK by the time Queen Victoria took the throne in 1838 – these were coming about due to new inventions allowing them to be powered in a way that had not been possible before. From the spinning Jenny, created by James Hargreaves which allowed textiles to be produced quickly and efficiently, to the power of hydraulics, pioneered by William George Armstrong, whose inventions and ideas are still in use today in things like this hydraulic power unit

Communication was changing too – electronic advances meant that people were able to communicate from afar and quickly – Osborne house, the holiday home of Queen Victoria on the Isle of Wight was connected to the mainland in 1852 using a cable under the Solent and electrical messages known as telegraphs could be sent straight to and from the property.

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Social changes were happening a lot in Victorian Britain, as the country changed. Women’s rights campaigners such as Emmeline Pankhurst fought for their cause and healthcare reforms were also campaigned for by people like Sir Joseph Rogers.

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