Great things about living away from home

While going into higher education is all about learning and getting a great qualification, it’s also about the fun and freedom of living away from home for the first time for many students.

Education can cover many aspects of life and not just the academic kind. Going to Uni or college is a life-enriching experience that provides a real taste of first becoming independent adults with the fun and responsibility that brings.

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Here are some reasons why you should definitely attend a college or Uni away from home:

Fresh Start

Nobody knows you when you attend college away from home. You can reinvent yourself and become whoever you want, free of the embarrassing things you’ve done in the past.

You have to learn things

You are forced to grow up quickly when you realize, you are hungry and nobody to cook for you! You will learn to cook your own meals, wash your own clothes, budget your money and get to class on time. You will also want to look after your property or risk living in a pigpen and getting in trouble with your landlord. Find out more about Student Accommodation Cheltenham at a site like

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Appreciate your home

Going home for the holidays, you will suddenly discover how much you appreciate all the things your parents did for you. You will feel grateful for the little things that you take for granted, such as food in the fridge, central heating and a clean bathroom! And eating a meal that you didn’t cook yourself. Pure bliss.

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