Why mobile is already a priority in the strategies of Marketing and Social Media?

The rise of mobile devices is becoming the first path to social networks. 78% of Facebook users use their mobile to access their profile at least once a month. 2 out of 3 does the same. This year the increase has been especially notable. United States has more than 100 million mobile users, and it is expected that this year the sale of tablets is equated to computers.

Why mobile is already a priority in the strategies of Marketing and Social MediaMobile traffic is growing 10 times faster than the computer, according BrightEdge, to the point that has gotten equated. The computer is being relegated inexorably. It is expected that by 2015 tablets take the final over.A trend that inevitably affects the way users consume information and interact in social networks:

  • 40% of YouTube videos in the US and seen on mobile.
  • This year the number of page views via LinkedIn will increase by 250%.
  • The use of mobile application options multiplied by 60 the last year. Its content is shared almost 3 times more than on computer
  • If we focus on the behavior of mobile users in social networks, we can see that their activity has doubled, share more frequently:
  • Mobile devices have caused 79% of Twitter users are more willing to access your account several times a day. It also increases the chances of making retweet (66%).

Which also positively it affects the engagement, especially Facebook, where publications get up to 39% more interactions.

How does this mobile behavior to the strategy of Social Media?

Marketers have been quick to realize the need to create a mobile strategy. It is planned that the mobile advertising market in 2017 reached a figure representing more than 31 billion representing 15.8% of total advertising revenues, according to figures provided by eMarketer. Today it is 8.5 billion dollars.

Mobile advertising reports to Facebook 41% of their income, accounting for 25% of its turnover, in the case of YouTube.

Therefore, it is a specific market, which has specific needs, and constantly demand information and quality content. Companies have to learn to live, offering actions tailored to their interests, incorporating geolocation to its strategy and developing quality content that generates interactions and worthy of sharing.

Mobile users are much more likely to interact with a brand on social networks

Recently, a report revealed Interactive Yesmail us how they have affected smartphones in buying patterns of consumers and the interaction with brands through social media. Mobile users are much more likely to interact with a brand on social networks than they do from a computer. As Facebook and Twitter channels more employees to communicate with brands.

Shopping and Mobile

Mobile Marketing brings many changes in vision strategy of many businesses. In fact, the local positioning is an almost obligatory priority for companies. 44% of smartphone owners regularly use their mobile to search for details on a trade or business, and 94% did ever to find local information. Of these, 66% just by visiting the company, either online, or by contacting the hotel physically. This means that mobile shoppers are already in stores before they have trodden. But even within them, 39% of consumers and mobile users use their devices to obtain information, compare products or discover relate deals.

Mobile optimization remains a major challenge for brands

This is one of the great challenges for companies and brands. A bad mobile experience negatively affects brands. 79% of mobile users coming to a site that is optimized or abandons this site in search of another where you can see thoroughly. 52% of users feel less committed to companies that do not care about their online presence on mobile, and 48% sincerely frustrated, or angry with the company.

A mobile site is not accessible hurts sales. 67% of customers prefer to buy an optimized mobile web. In addition, a suitable site for mobile helps retain customers. 74% of these consumers indicates that it is more likely to return to a website that has had a positive mobile experience.

This scenario highlights the importance of this new channel and mobile users. Companies whose strategy social media marketing or not take into account this growing trend surely be wasting a great opportunity.

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