Unraveling the index relevance of a Trending Topic

Inserted into the world of social media has become a challenge for SEO experts, web marketers, entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses of all kinds. This is not due solely to the little formal training in this area, but the very construction of a new profession, which embraces several disciplines and requires a clear and objective approach.

Although there are very good programs, and their trainers are experienced people “who teach what they have been experiencing” we need to take a step further. Then I’ll show you two things: my opinion on how we should run better metrics for our projects as managers of virtual communities; and second, how we can use the index relevance of a trending topic, IDRtt.

Unraveling the index relevance of a Trending TopicHow should you measure the digital world?

Measuring the digital world should not be as rigid. In fact, Avinash Kaushik, considered a guru in the world of web analytics, it suggests that you have to break some rules, because insofar as they grow overwhelmingly social networks, “says Kaushik” tools available in the market, provide information far below the optimal “being diplomatic in his commentary. we all know that the Community Manager should add value to the organization through the incorporation of an effective communication strategy, whose seat can be in one or more social networking platforms.

This strategy not only required to produce content, interact with fans, promote products and services or simply highlight the values of a brand. It is also, to obtain relevant information about the behavior of Internet users and maximize the discovery of new patterns that may or may not be explicitly disclosed.

Here it is complex, and we must consider the use of journalists, web analytics experts, software developers, programmers, mathematicians, statisticians, graphic designers, publicists, marketers and other. Not only using free tools or paid, but to create indicators, the organization figures and design ways as “from the perspective of analysis” one can better understand “quantitative and qualitative” those patterns or behaviors that can often explain to decision-making in an organization. In short, one should use metrics that one really interested.

If having used the same criteria when using TweetReach get information and then use TOPSY and get another, this may cause you some concern.However, it is not so much that one or the other are wrong, but are being used algorithms and different ways of processing and measuring the same information. Therefore, not only give you an estimate of the total number of impressions or profiles that the opinion on a topic of interest. Besides this, they build a proprietary method for compressing the digital world.

All this leads us to ask them if it requires the creation of standards, and in fact there are standards to measure the impact, scope, activity and the exposure of a subject. As well as to determine the impact of our communication strategy. However, what happens is that we ourselves for our own analysis test different ways on how we can make better use of information, and thus as the index IDRtt or relevance of a topic trend emerges.

What is IDRtt?

The  IDRtt  is a factor “on the basis of 100” used to analyze trending topics or trending topics. It is a very simple calculation because it invites us to take only the topics that were trending in a given period (usually 24 hours).The duration is calculated within that time, the topic “X” that was applied as TT, and divide this time between total topics that marked trend during that period. This is then multiplied by 100 results in a factor. What does this mean? That the closer is this to 100%, more relevant it is. Now, we must also consider the nature of this issue and other variables such as the position change during the time that a topical trend has remained in force.

Therefore, it is not the same to say that the trending topic #DecoracionDeNavidad was maintained for 13 hours issue of the moment, to say that during these 13 hours, this was more than 18 variations moving from position 10 to position 1, up and down, depending on how users as laid them compete with their views. Include in the IDRtt change “if there” is something you can also do much more precise.

Notwithstanding this, the simple IDRtt “in the way we compute” with a simple division and multiplication, it is something which gives us very useful to compare the relevance of various topics of trend information.


There are hundreds of social media tools that do the same, and it is clear that we will not pay for all of them. Therefore, it is advisable to know, but understand them and improve them is our challenge and responsibility.Create and innovate is an issue that arises from our own interest and initiative. To the extent arising needs in our analytical environment, we have the opportunity to make our own contribution. Ultimately, the most important is that the metrics to understand who develops them and who consume reader. Otherwise, no good measure something that only a few “or anyone” can understand.

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