Three keys to digital marketing transformation

You may have heard of the term, digital marketing transformation, but are unsure what this means exactly for your business. To gain benefits from this process, there are three core aspects that need to be considered.

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What is digital marketing transformation?

Although there are various ways to define this concept, digital marketing transformation essentially relates to using technology and data to increase levels of innovation, profit, scale and efficiency within an organisation. Businesses that embrace this concept are effective at encouraging change that puts them ahead of their competitors. It is also worth noting that once you implement this transformation, it should not be a one-off process, as transformation is continually happening.

There are three keys to achieve effective digital marketing transformation.

1. Organisational change

Change at an organisational level is necessary as part of the digital marketing transformation, but it can often be easier said than done. Many employees find change difficult and challenging, but once you get everyone on board and committed to follow your defined goals, change is easier to implement. In many cases, businesses need to get the right balance between standardisation, scale and appropriate execution at the local level.

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2. Managing marketing channels

If you want to succeed at digital transformation, it is likely you will need to make some adjustments to your channel management strategies. But what does this mean exactly? According to “channel management involves managing channels associated with reaching and satisfying the customer, managing partners who help with the distribution process and managing vendors who keep your internal controls working smoothly”.

Channel marketing can seem tricky to redefine, but it is essentially about looking at how marketing channels work together rather than who manages each channel. In particular, you need to pay attention to optimising your cross-channel processes. If you need assistance with this task, it can be helpful to get expert help, such as from a digital marketing agency Manchester business, like Digital Marketing Agency Manchester

3. Technology

The technology you use can help to make sure that all of your digital marketing channels are working in harmony with each other, so consider what systems you use and how you gain information about your customers using a data management platform. Identify those media changes and systems that benefit your company most and allow digital marketing transformation to take place efficiently.


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