Saving Time and money with visitor management systems

Time is everyone’s most valuable asset, therefore implementing visitor management systems that provide time saving benefits is a realistic cost saving exercise. Automating routine tasks also provides the benefit of eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks that sap both time and resources and give rise to errors.

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As detailed is this article, you don’t have to be a large corporation to benefit from organisational automation. The positive benefits of releasing staff from mundane tasks, eliminating repetition errors and saving time is about working smarter, which in turn allows your company to run more efficiently, save money and stay competitive.

Visitor management system can be utilised by any business that has a need to maintain a list of members with which they interact, whether that be an association with newsletters, a society with membership fees to invoice or a charity with a fundraising ecommerce store. To achieve the maximum benefits from a membership system solution, the first step needs to be to understand the services you provide to your members. You need to breakdown your membership management processes into repeatable steps based on:

What Services You Provide to Your Members

Issue regular newsletters? Give members special access to software, applications or a website? Do each of these require manually setting up for each member?

Membership Communication

How do you currently communicate with your members? By email? Do you use mailing lists? By post with another mailing list?

Maintaining Your Mailing Lists

How are your current mailing lists managed? Is it a manual process of paper lists and excel spreadsheets? Is it a manual process to add, remove and update membership details?

What Your Members Have Access to

Do you have to set permissions for members access?

Membership Invoicing

Do you have to invoice members for fees or services?

Merchandise Sales

Do you sell merchandise that requires manual order taking?

It’s important to outline this information (call it your “membership process definition”) before implementing such a solution to make sure you get the most from a visitor management system. If you are interested in a system like this, it may be worth contacting a provider such as Oxford-based

The best way to appreciate how a visitor management system works and can help your business is to ask someone who knows.

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