7 digital marketing trends and online that are fashionable

Each season the famous fashion brands clothe the most famous models.Trendsetters, colors, styles, what takes. In the world of marketing we are also aware of the importance of trends. This year and next will still seem obsolete retro, and traditional marketing gives way to new ways to establish strategies and demarcate companies.

In recent years we have seen how there has been a significant evolution of outbound marketing techniques to inbound marketing and attraction marketing. Many companies have realized that perform better posting interesting content themselves pure and hard inserting advertising messages more intrusive techniques. The inbound marketing has additional benefits such as improved branding, brand recognition and growth of the audience and potential customers.

There are some trends related to this way of understanding the marketing that will continue to rise in the coming months and that should be taken into account.

7 digital marketing trends and online that are fashionableThe content keeps his reign

Content marketing will continue to grow because it has proven to be a great tool for building a relationship of trust and loyalty with the audience. The main strategies used by large B2B companies are social networks, videos and articles eNewsletter or on other sites. Use these channels to deliver compelling content for your audience has proven to be more effective than ads on television and radio.

The image dominates the field

Before the barrage of information they receive daily consumers, it is essential to provide digested content as possible. That explains the growth so fast that have Buzzfeed or Pinterest, networks have placed emphasis on images and have demonstrated the potential of viral-based photos and graphics content.

In fact, most popular blogs and post and shared are those who know splashing illustrative images or text and graphics very explanatory infographics.

The social media marketing requires more diversity

Until a few years ago companies were limited to social networks that could be implemented in their campaigns, rarely they went beyond Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. But the range of possibilities has become huge and every day new social networks born. While some do not totally take off, there are others, like Pinterest, Google, Tumblr or Instagram that have become very popular and have offered companies a lot of new possibilities to develop attractive contended and build your audience through many more channels before.

This diversification seems to be fruitful for many companies because it allows them to build their brand image by making consumers recognize them more easily.

Less is more

A like big brands like Google or Apple value simplicity, it seems that consumers are also taking a turn on your preferences. Much of the appeal of Pinterest is its clean, minimalist and uncluttered aesthetics.

And Forbes magazine predicted that 2013 would be successful in those marketing strategies that promote products and services that make life easier consumer life even easier to make your shopping experience.

not without reason. With many consumers fed up with the constant bombardment of information and ads that scream “look at me”, some of the most innovative marketers are going in the opposite direction, trying to soften their messages and not overwhelm consumers with much self-congratulation.

Mobile-friendly content is a necessity

There is no way back. Companies have to adapt their content to mobile format or tablet, either with or Responsive Designed for mobile specific versions. The reality is stubborn: according to Forbes, 87% of the connected devices in 2017 will be smartphones and tablets. The company that does not suit you risk losing customers not to join the trend.

Retargeting will be increasingly effective

It’s a marketing strategy that has deepened in recent times. In short, the retargeting is traced through cookies that websites visited by the user. Once you leave the site, products and pages they have visited will again show ads in the pages that you navigate.

Given that only 2% of web traffic becomes the first visit, the retargeting is a very effective tool, if used correctly, to increase conversion rates reminding the customer products and services that have been consulted. In fact, there are psychological studies showing that mere exposure to the brand name or its logo generates Familiaria and some confidence and improves the willingness of consumers to purchase.

 SEO and Social entrelezan further

Although the company has never had the same weight as other inbound marketing tactics, it is indisputable that play an important role in organic positioning. Since Google and other search engines strive to provide users with the most relevant and highest quality of all network content, it makes sense that one of the factors is the number of times it has been shared a post, an article or a product concrete.

The more content, the more susceptible it is to be of high quality, add value to the user, and therefore should occupy a higher position in search results pages shared.

It is difficult to know which way to continue the search algorithms but there is a good chance that by the end of 2014 social shares are equalized or even outweigh other links of inbound marketing.

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