10 Tools useful and essential for Community Managers

As in  previous articles this, I shared with you some of the  tools that make my life to control and monitor everything that is said about our clients ‘brands, mine are the tools  free. 

I leave you here and hope you are as useful as they are for me.

Addictomatic.  Addictomatic is an online tool that makes it easy to keep up with information and everything that is said around us …. Entering the keywords in your search box will appear the latest news (real time ), Twitter, Google, Youtube, Facebook …..

10 Tools useful and essential for Community ManagersIceRocket   is a  search engine  specialized in real – time search is a free resource for people seeking to control their brand.

Omigili   is your way to find “subjective information”. Unlike traditional search engines, search sites and pages, Omgili find  opinions  of consumers, debates, discussions, personal experiences, response and solutions. Wuay !.

BoardTracker  tool that provides detailed graphics and advanced analysis based on quality data. Identify trends and track competitors to stay ahead of the game. Measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and social media over time. To spy … ^^

Backtype   platform real – time statistics  able to evaluate the activity of Twitter through its BackTweets service. Twitter and bought this summer.

Likebutton  is a website that lets you see in real time the most popular websites that people are sharing on  Facebook.

All Things Now  is a link directory showing the contents of the web pages more shared in  Facebook.

Booshaka  allows us to review the trend of  facebook  in real time. There are two ways of working with this tool  search for specific items or browse through the categories to find the most popular subjects.

Open Facebook Search Searches in the public timeline of  Facebook.

Miles … there are thousands of tools and for all that we can imagine. The secret is not to as become crazy with so many searches and monitoring.Let’s be practical. All I can never control but we can try.

The secret? The whole life, “Search, compare and if you find something better, exemplar”!

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