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How roof sealant works

The roof is an essential  part of a home’s construction. It keeps out the wet, wind and rain plus all the other elements that the weather can throw at us. If the roof goes down then the whole lot is … read more

Designed for Life and Living

Twentieth-century furniture includes many innovative and creative styles in a range of bold colours or neutral shades in wood, metal, plastic and other materials. Some furniture offers high-functioning elements such as the Operator Chairs for working at your home office … read more

A brief history of our sewers

We have travelled a long way in how we manage our health and waste. For a long time, the relationship between hygiene and health was not made and therefore life expectancy was indeed very limited. As humans we produce waste, … read more

Six Boiler Maintenance Tips of 2020

There is nothing worse than a boiler breakdown. Here’s a rundown of six simple tips that if you apply today should keep your boiler working in tip-top condition for years to come. Image Credit Lag Your Pipes Winters always bring … read more

Why silicone is a miracle.

In the past the quest for a modern bathroom was beset by issues. As beautiful as porcelain basins and tiles are they do not fit together well enough to stop water from leaking in between the cracks and causing unpleasant … read more