Tips on How To Get a Michelin Star?

The star system, while not very accurate, is widely used around the world as a method for judging what makes great food. While there is no exact method to be used, there are some general guidelines which are commonly used. Whether you want to know how to get a Michelin star or not, these are some tips that could help you plan and you will want to ensure that you have some Food PR planned ready for when you finally get awarded your first star. A company like can help you with this.

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First, Michelin is not given out the same way at all of the restaurants. For instance, it is given out based on how many stars are on a restaurant’s wall. Stars are given out based on how many people deem the food to be outstanding or excellent, as opposed to simply good. You can’t just go out and ask for a star and hope that your dish will get one, since the star system is usually only given to those restaurants who have actual high reviews from people.

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Secondly, the actual location of the restaurant may determine how you get a star. Some places are just easier to maintain than others, which allows them to keep a higher star rating. Other restaurants are harder to manage and maintain, which is another reason why they tend not to get many stars. The best way to choose a restaurant with the highest star rating is to go to a local guide or to check the star rating on a website to see which restaurants in a certain area get more stars.

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