Starting your own catering business

Whether you are taking the first step on the career ladder or simply looking for a change of direction, catering can be a very attractive option. However, setting up a catering business is hard work with a lot of things to think about. These include the type of catering you want to do, where your business will be located, and how you intend to fund it, among other considerations

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Type of catering business and location

If you have decided to work in the catering sector, you need a firm idea of the sort of business you want to run and a location where you will be able to maximise your profits. Perhaps you want to run some sort of mobile, event-style catering, open a local cafe, or run a high-end restaurant.

No matter what sort of business you have in mind, your location is important if you want to succeed. Even if you are running a mobile catering business, you will need to have some sort of office where people can come and see you to discuss their requirements. If you are running a catering establishment such as a cafe or restaurant, you will need to think about who your customers will be, the type of food or dining experience you will be offering, and whether a high street, town or village location would be most suitable.

Catering equipment and finance

It doesn’t matter if you are a cafe, restaurant or mobile caterer; there will be some start-up costs. These will include the purchase of equipment, which could be large items such as commercial ovens, tables, chairs and double door bottle coolers or it might be something as small as cutlery and napkins, but all of it will need to be purchased and paid for somehow. For the larger items, it is best to shop around and use websites such as to find the best deals, while many cash-and-carry stores stock a lot of the smaller items. You also need consider how you will pay for these items. They could be funded through loans or grants, or you might opt to secure investment from family and friends.

This is only some initial guidance on things to think about if you want to run your own catering business. It’s a very complex decision that requires careful consideration.

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