Plants that will be Perfect for your Office

Going to work should never feel like an unpleasant experience but sometimes it can not feel as good as it could do. One of the ways that you can increase the happiness factor in the office and therefore boost productivity too, is by making the office environment a more pleasant place to be.

There are many ways that you can make the office environment more of a pleasing one for staff, you can give the walls a splash of colour, upgrade your furniture and get chairs like these reception chairs from Bestbuy-officechairs and you can also add some greenery to the place.

There are many types of plants that thrive in an office – here are a few of the best office plants that will help to brighten up your workplace…

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African Violet – This plant is beautiful and will add a burst of colour to the office. It doesn’t take up too much space either so it will thrive indoors on desks. They enjoy light but do not like to be in direct sunlight so keep them out of the window and you will find they do really well.

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Peace Lily – These plants are not only beautiful they are also great indoor plants that can do well even areas of low light. These are easy to look after so even novice plant keepers will be ok with one of these.

Snake Plant – Also known as mother in laws tongue, these interesting and hardy plants are attractive and look great in an office. They can get fairly tall, so they are a good way to create a partition which is a little different.

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