Making Sure the Office is Clean and Safe for the Return to Work

The pandemic has shown us many things, not least the importance of hygiene – we are now very aware of the importance of keeping an area clean and how it can make sure that the risk of catching a range of illnesses is lowered when a place is kept clean.

As we all head back to the office and see lockdown end, for many people they will be worried about being safe back out in the world. One of the most reassuring things that you can do for employees who have concerns about coming back to the office is to ensure that the workplace is kept clean and hygienic. Before heading back, why not have a professional clean done by someone like this contract cleaning Cheltenham based company Big Green Cleaning to make sure that everything is hygienic for the return of the staff.

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However, it is important that hygiene is kept on top of regularly, and there are certain areas in an office which will benefit from being cleaned regularly to reduce risk of spreading germs…

Handles are touched regularly by many different people, so should be wiped down very often with an antibacterial wipe or spray. It is also a good idea to keep hand sanitiser by doors where the handles need to be touched.

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The keyboard and the mouse are two things that are touched regularly, and keyboards in particular are known to be breeding grounds for germs, so giving them a god clean on a daily basis is important.

Phones in the office are also a potential breeding ground for germs and should be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe before being used, particularly if more than one person uses the same phone.

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