How Do You Know Whether To Make a Constructive Dismissal Claim?

There are a few steps involved in making a Constructive Dismissal Claim when your employer has behaved in a way which is contrary to the terms of your employment contract. To succeed you will have to show that your employer acted unreasonably, breached your employment contract and you resigned as a result of it. Many people believe that claiming constructive dismissal and resigning in response to this breach is an easy option for handling problems at work. However, resigning yourself is a major step to take. Look to make  Constructive Dismissal Claim via

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You should get help from your Employment Tribunal if you think you will need help with your case. An Employment Tribunal will hear your case and decide whether or not you have a case to make for constructive dismissal.

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A constructive dismissal claim is not easy to prove and many employers will simply ignore them. However, if you are persistent and have evidence that will stand up in court then you may be able to force your employer into rectification. Another good thing about using an employment solicitor is that they can help you deal with the initial process of making a claim, providing professional advice and taking care of any difficulties you might have. They may also help you if your employer refuses to acknowledge liability or offer a settlement. If you are determined to make a constructivitiy dismissal claim then you will almost certainly lose, but the experience you gain is invaluable.

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