Ad spending this year will grow twice worldwide

It is expected that global ad spending this year reaching 545.4 billion dollars, according to estimates by eMarketer.

Growth expectations for the advertising industry is very optimist. eMarketer expects this year grow by 5.7%, which is more than double that in 2013 (2.6%). In the medium term, the industry is expected to continue growing, albeit at a more moderate pace.

What are the factors for this growth?

There are several conditions that have led to the momentum of the advertising market. On the one hand, we can not ignore that this year we have experienced two major sporting events of international relevance.Such is the case of the Olympic Winter Games and the World Cup.

Ad spending this year will grow twice worldwideOn the other hand, we are in the development of digital advertising, with mobile as the main drive motor. The same source noted the significant growth that is poised to advertising on mobile devices. With an expected growth of 5.4% it would reach 180 billion dollars in the US alone; its greatest growth in the last decade.

Which countries lead the development of the advertising industry?

EMarketer data placed the United States as the country with the highest per capita investment; with an average of $ 589.29 per capita. A figure that is far from that estimated, located at $ 134.40 p / c. Levels that put us behind major European countries such as the UK ($ 380.41), Germany ($ 337.42), France ($ 232.34) and Italy ($ 186.11).

Meanwhile, digital advertising live their particular moment of glory. What data point to growth of 16.7%, which represents a volume of 140.15 billion dollars. Thus, digital advertising and represent more than 25% of the global advertising pie.

Special mention mobile advertising, whose career continues unstoppable in the coming years, and is emerging as the great exponent of the digital sector. Specifically, eMarketer expected in North America this year, mobile advertising represents almost a third of the total (32.8%). A percentage will double by 2018 (67%).

Meanwhile, in mobile advertising represents only 8.3% of the total;although in the coming years we will experience a great takeoff, which will take you to record 43.3% in 2018.

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