6 Principles of Business that if you teach will change the lives of your sons

One of the most difficult and complicated things in life is to reach middle age and realize that economic conditions have not really wish.

Look back and discover that the years have passed and despite having worked tirelessly you do not have the financial ability to give your family a better lifestyle, it can be very hard.

That’s when we started looking for other alternatives to improve our financial situation. That is when starting a business becomes a viable alternative. An alternative that is not easy, but yet represents a glimmer of hope to succeed.

So, considering this scenario so common life. Would not you rather save our children some of these ordeals and help them find from his youth a better way to financial freedom?

And I speak of eliminating the lessons of life that inevitably will have to learn, much less. But if you provide them with principles that will help them build a better financial condition in adulthood.

Of course it is a hard work that parents and teachers should work together. However, the important thing is to start at home and teach children that employment is not the only alternative. We must teach them to discover, exploit and develop their full skills, talents and abilities to their economic benefit.

Today I share some of the things I wanted to learn as a child and now I, effort to teach my children…

1. Study and having a job is not enough

The traditional system teaches us to study hard and then get a good job. We are conditioned in order to overcome all the “obstacles” to achieve school one day have a good salary that allows us to live well. However, over time, that salary is not enough, especially when the children arrive, debts and health decreases.

Newest effect shows that even companies prefer to hire recent graduates despite having less experience, because they may offer less substantial wages.

So, a good start is to teach children that employment is not the only option. They must learn that there are other alternatives, but require learning and take some risk, they can be more convenient in the long term.

2. Their talents and skills are your biggest asset

Another major failures of educational systems is to measure everyone equally and qualify its capacity according to these measurements. Being good at math or not should not be a difference. Having the ability to store more or less should not be.

School tests are summarized qualify as good or bad a response based on the ability to remember certain information. There is little room for reasoning, for analysis or to discover the abilities of each person and medirles according to their development.

Psychologists say there are aptly multiple intelligences and have identified at least 8 different types instead of just one. There are musical, verbal, kinesthetic, spatial, mathematical, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalist intelligence. So that everyone is smarter about something.

So your children need to learn what their biggest field of intelligence and support you to develop your skills and abilities in that line. Learning to recognize their talents and skills are your greatest asset and is what best they can route the path to financial freedom.

So the next time your son mentioned that you like the music or acting, takes those signals to incentive the way that not only will provide greater satisfaction but better opportunities to generate income.

3. They must learn to manage money

The proper use of money is one of the most valuable lessons we can pass on to children. It is no secret that in business and in life, managing finances is essential and we want it or not, directly affects our personal fulfillment and even the degree of happiness we can experience at home.

However, some of our problems stem from the fact that at home we rarely educated about proper money management. And at school even less. Even without realizing it, many times our children are educated in schools where teachers are union leaders and dependent on social “benevolence” of the government, which ultimately leads that can only transmit what finally believe: a poverty mentality .

“Teach your children that money is not bad. The love of money and misuse of it may become one. But produce, generate income, build businesses, business and financial freedom is one of the most wonderful things that may experience.”

Teach them that money can be useful in helping many people is something positive and laudable for who can best help others is the one who has to give.

4. They must learn to sell

Sales are one of the most important skills that children should develop to excel in life. And sales are one of those skills that you can learn. Whether you like them or not sales, it is something that your children should learn as they will open many doors and possibilities in whatever you do in life.

All the time we are selling. We sell when seeking a job, we sell when we are winning our partner, we sell our ideas, our ideals and of course we sell when we want to close a business.

The big business began as big sellers. So people who know how to sell, have a world of possibilities open to them.

5. The importance of knowing how to communicate

And learn to use the money you can get rid of many problems. Not knowing how to communicate properly can entice many of them. Effective communication is a fundamental skill in business and everything. Knowing express, convey ideas, motivate a team, settling differences of opinion and even the gift of command, everything is related to the ability to communicate.

As soon as your children can enroll in one of these courses to learn to communicate, interact and even speak in public. Early break down the barriers of communication, increasing personal safety and self-esteem is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

6. They should lose the fear to do business

As your children get older, encourage them to do small businesses. With your supervision of course, you will find that this is a huge and wonderful source of learning that will help you convey all this knowledge.

Once my two young children insisted that complete them money to compare a video game. Of course it would have been very easy to take a few dollars out of my pocket and continued to purchase. Instead, I suggested buying them two big bags and that sold chocolates to raise the money they needed.

Without thinking twice, he loved the idea. And two hours later, they were in front of my house addressed to people who went to offer a couple of chocolates for $ 0.50 cents. Many people bought haunted course after asking the cause for which they contributed.

Valuable lessons had much to do with the ability to do something for themselves, putting enthusiasm and desire. And better yet, breaking the cold fear of addressing some people even risking getting no for an answer.

In short, everything to gain and little to lose. Finally, the money for the chocolates came from the same pocket;)

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