Easy ways to start a successful blog

The popularity of blogging has increased in recent years. With more people spending longer online, now is the time to start publishing your work.

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A blog is essentially a website that contains content, such as news or fashion or lifestyle. You can choose just about any topic, as long as there is public appetite for it. Good spelling and grammar are important so that people take your work seriously.

Good blogging can generate an income

There are so many opportunities to make money online, but more and more people are turning to blogging. One advantage of having a popular blog is that you can utilise Google AdSense whereby Google searches for appropriate advertisers for your blog. All you have to do is paste your unique Google AdSense code onto the blog and you are ready to start making money.

Once you have selected a blog host and domain name, you can get your blog online and feel a sense of achievement. It is easy to pick a domain name – think of something short and memorable so that readers can find you. A carefully chosen domain name will help readers to understand your niche.

Ensure the information is engaging to the reader

Publishing your work is the most important aspect, so ensure the information is engaging and topical and use striking imagery to give the pages a colourful lift. Check your work before clicking the ‘publish’ button to ensure it is error-free. Many bloggers like to type their work into a Word document before copying and pasting it to the blog; in this way, the content is easily saved and retrievable.

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An ‘about me’ page should include a biography of the author and what makes them qualified to write about the topic and passionate about it. A contact page should also be added to provide the reader with information on how to reach the writer. You can add an address or email; alternatively, many bloggers like to create a simple contact form to keep their personal information private. Link your blog to your social media accounts, and always include a privacy policy.

If you are thinking of blogging, make sure you publish articles regularly. There is nothing more frustrating than finding a blog you like, only to discover that it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

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