Does Branded Content tightrope?

Social networks, blogs and discussion groups of professionals boiled every day for an explanation to the changes made by Facebook in the EdgeRank, but the massive widespread anger always leads to the same conclusion … do you want visibility for your publications? Pay it!

It is understandable that Facebook seek maximum return on paid advertising, so there we agree, but not the fall of the organic scope towards content as this update affects all publications alike as warranted.

Does Branded Content tightropeDuring all this time we felt like lab rats experimenting with different contents; the search for the publication that the algorithm considered of interest to our followers has become a chimera. What are the variables? I should explain Facebook?

Creative and economic efforts made by companies and bloggers to create their communities on Facebook for months and years well deserve an explanation and a methodology to follow, especially when the scope is incomprehensible to compare the results with the Bounce Rate , is true that all our posts are not in the interest of our followers?

All these questions seeking response and meanwhile negatively influence the branded content , why waste our efforts on quality content if barely reach 3% of the community? No substantial differences between the scope of a conventional commercial publication to try other topics of interest and search appreciate engage , at least that’s what the results show Facebook Analytics.

In some publications suggest that a solution to the problem could be the gamification. This alternative could be interesting if two circumstances arise: the user Spanish were accustomed to this type of action and that the most active participants were not only professional contests or “bounty hunter” social networking. Moreover is the fact that the gamification operates mainly in a star platform, Facebook; if organic publications to promote the game among our supporters reach a ridiculous number of displays … how to get what we want?

Either way it seems that the impact of a publication and will require payment required; the differences between those who have a budget of loose marketing and who will not rise and many fan pages with good content will be obliged to abandon the social network and invest their efforts on another platform.

As a final conclusion it should be noted that much of the branded content quality detriment disappear from Facebook user so … really changes on the algorithm are designed to provide better content to our fans? What is your opinion?

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