Feeding success with new products

A people we like new. We love new products. See always the same bores us. The routine disgusts us. What is different, surprising, awakens us, inspires us. Creativity comes to see us subject to new experiences and unexpected experiences. The diversity allows us to add ideas and integrated solutions. Many of the innovations arise from combining several ideas that may not have in itself nothing original; is hybridization generating engaging results.

There are companies that make an art of generation management and communication of their news. Marketing in its purest form. Surely we immediately comes to mind companies like Apple, or sectors like fashion, luxury, or automobile.

Feeding success with new productsHow are your news?

So how many news you generated in your company lately? Do you have a plan to generate regular updates that you can communicate to your customers and show that you are in the gap, you’re the tip of the spear?

I hope you already have prepared novelties to surprise your customers in the new course. Many people arrive vacation full of energy and eager to try new things, beyond collectibles turn. That is, although we have a strategy for the whole year, there are dates that are particularly favorable, the new course, the new year, the start of certain seasons, or even dates such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or why not, local festivals.

Some ideas that may help you

Here you have some ideas that I hope will inspire you:

  • Create new products and services
  • Designing special offers
  • Offer a new packaging
  • A limited edition of a product with some special features
  • An agreement with a new partner
  • The opening of a new market
  • Renew the company’s web
  • Start a specialized publication
  • Create a user group
  • Create a recurring event for your customers
  • Organize or sponsor an event
  • Throwing a satisfaction survey
  • Start a collaborative market study
  • Editing an ebook or book
  • Create a directory
  • Original launch a campaign marketing
  • Make a contest of spots on a product
  • Make a gift

New communicate regularly our customers and prospects is a way to show that we will stop, we continue giving everything to be the best for them, and we want to buy us or keep buying. If we have no news, or not communicate properly, the market will think, perhaps rightly, that we have rested on its laurels.

What kind of new use you to show your customers that you’re butt? What dates or times you use to generate them and communicate?

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