Companies are optimistic about the results of Big Data

Big Data, the words that open the doors to knowledge about the customer, to track your steps and events that occur daily in the online environment.

A priori, the Big Data makes us think of a well of wisdom that will help us unravel the mysteries surrounding the relationship of consumers with the brand, its response to our marketing strategy, and tell us how to act at all times.

Hence half of the marketers clearly show for implementation within their daily activities. Meanwhile, another third are also in favor, although he is more reserved. These are the conclusions that reflect the survey of Infogroup Targeting Solutions.

Companies are optimistic about the results of Big DataThe positive note is that those companies that have already started investing in Big Data have really shown the outcome of their application.60% of them a very positive attitude towards the use of the valuable information that gives them the big brother of the data showed. Meanwhile, 30% also recognizes its effectiveness, albeit in a more reserved manner, while only 8% doubt the worth of this implementation.

Therefore, this 2014 reflect a significant commitment to the benefits of Big Data, which is also reflected in the budget. 62% of marketers said that more resources allocated to this area this year. It should be noted that companies already using these data are the ones who made more investment, especially if these companies have been able to measure the results of their application. Thus, the 2 out of 3 marketers who already works with Big Data will raise your bet, along with 66% of those who are already seeing a positive ROI, compared with 57% of those who have not yet taken the step, and 60% of those who can not speak of tangible benefits.

The main reason that hinders the full commitment to the Big Data is the scarcity of resources. 35% of respondents regretted not having a bigger budget to make better use of the benefits of Big Data. But the economic barrier is not the only one. 27% believe that the quality of the data is not good enough, while 25% admitted not having the right to proper treatment and data analysis tools. Added to this is the lack of knowledge or skills by staff (17%) or difficulties in measuring ROI (11%).

The positive note reflecting the study of Infogroup Targeting Solutions is the biggest concern by marketers to implement this valuable information.Concludes, Big Data will be a priority in 2014 to 73% of marketers, while in 2013 only 38% thought so. Marketers are aware of the need to orient the strategy to the real needs of the target audience, and act just when and where it be receptive. To do this, they need to take the Big Data as the compass that always guide you toward your goal.

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