Brands move away from traditional spot to create videos longer lasting, more attractive and easy to share

The video is the center of attention of marketers and as part of the top priorities for 2014. Within the content strategy of brands plays an increasingly important role and 80% of marketers includes videos within their websites (web Video Marketing Council).

We have already passed the initial stage of adoption of video, acceptance by the brands that they can also create videos to entertain your audience and accompany them in their progress through the funnel.

Brands move away from traditional spot to create videos longer lasting, more attractive and easy to shareThe challenge now is that the content is up to scratch and expand its dissemination through social channels

According to the survey conducted by Unisphere Research, currently 60% of marketers already share on social networks generated videos. But for 59% of them it is not enough, want to expand their dissemination and notoriety.It is the content they think they should pay more attention, and in fact, according to the report published by Web Video Marketing Council recently, a large majority of the brands you plan to increase the budget dedicated to this game, 70%.

In addition they will prioritize video strategies content as 6% respondents say they are more interested in increasing its dissemination over traditional content and text articles, 15% more than the blog posts and even a 22% more than the dissemination of its newsletters and press releases.

Cost reduction and proliferation of tools that the digital age has brought to produce and disseminate video of reasonable quality, has greatly facilitated the process. But production is only one factor. Even product demonstrations or video blogs can technically see better executed ballasting their success if they have not had a good strategy carefully hosting or promotion. Evidenced by the fact that approximately 65% of the brands you let your videos live from local domains on YouTube and only 60% makes the leap to social networks.

The aim is closer to be achieved as advertisers and companies leave the intrusive model of video ads TV, which initially proliferated in social networks, to search for content longer lasting, more attractive and easily shared by users social networks.

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