9 answers you must own to sell

In the sale, traditionally, it has been granted a vital to achieve good results, the person or persons who are engaged in the function of placing products or services to customers importance. not so many years ago it was essential to have “aggressive” persuasive, depositors, energetic, conveniences, much?, sellers is what still seek too many companies, but when you see their business performance through certain KPIs sales, check that the selection of staff in that area, does not meet the competencies and skills necessary to achieve the expected business results.

Too often it is the organization that hampers commercial work of its vendors, either because it emits messages incompatibility what the company with the desire to purchase the customer, because they do not learn or do not have a learning procedure on the consumer. I did not discover the wheel now saying that everything in the business world revolves around two variables to impact or success, whatever you want to call, these two parameters must continually pamper the company and therefore the seller are CUSTOMER and profitability.

The client, because it is because of success or commercial failure, because profitability is what allows us to move forward, grow, improve ?, but I say, is nothing new that all business revolves around these variables.

9 answers you must own to sellI will focus on the customer as the cause of all our joys and sorrows trade. It is disappointing, to say incompressible, see how many vendors or companies take to the streets in search of customers with the intention to place them products or services without information, without enough information. A salesman / company that intends to sell profitably and has no objective and enlightening on these questions should not risk even look for customers. For it may happen that even selling, this act can turn against (interests of the company) by customer dissatisfaction as it has made a sale of “blind” without knowing the reasons why you bought the product / service and if this sale is the best solution to your problems, it can also happen that providence will protect him and guess right with the right customer and you have offered the best solution to their claims unconsciously, but this is very unlikely. I recommend you not go out to the streets to sell without having answers to these fundamental questions:

  • Who?: Who is my client, who “photograph” I have him / her. Demographic, social profile, psychological, lifestyle, values, sensitivities, etc. If you do not know who your customer is very difficult to find the right.
  • Where?: Where I can find profiles as I seek, associations, neighborhoods, forums, social networks, etc. If the answer to the above is difficult to obtain
  • What?: That solution within my portfolio of services and products may interest them more depending on your situation (know your situation to adapt our product best for your problem or need)
  • Why?: What reason have to give that customer to buy me.Important A custom argumentation sales per customer. Why should I buy from me and not the competition. The reason always seems to be on the client not the product that I bid
  • When?: At what point is best suited to interact with that customer
  • Half a ?: That channel will be more attractive to the customer to interact with me
  • How much?: Number of product or service you may need and how much will be willing to spend
  • What reputation for customer have?: What information / assessment has on my products, my company, about me and can as support or hinder the sale
  • How I solve your problem?: As a seller you are a problem solver through your portfolio of products and services that are the solutions that can contribute and your ability to adjust (customized) solutions to those conditions that present the customer

Well with all this we may have some opportunity to sell a product or customer service. You can give the feeling that this is a very consultative selling approach, but is there any chance of having really commercially successful if our behavior is not conditional on the customer consultation?

Right now I’m seeing many makers and sellers of cold calls, or even other vendors with very traditional methods of sale, which now read these lines, shaking his head, thinking “this Rafa writes for other vendors, not for me “;dear friend / a, for you have to throw you into the street, into the maelstrom of the network to sell, or you have to take a phone to it, believe me if your company if you do not make an effort to find quality answers to these questions, you efficiency level will rise enormously. So I think that the comments have two options, spend much time looking for “bad customers” and thus to obtain the no of these “clients” and that it support your frustration tolerance, or devote time to prepare for sale focusing your business goals through knowledge and information about the customer that interests you and using this method to increase your sales effectiveness.

The sale is confidence, which certainly takes time to get the client and lost in 30 seconds. Even from children teach us not to talk to strangers, because it would assist Mr. / a seller if a stranger what I as a customer for you? When show me that I “know” I’ll be better able to interact with you and like I buy. That is the main function of any effective and efficient seller, as well as the mission of the company, knowing the customer and its evolution. Remember that currently sales are the means for the company to fulfill its mission as an organization, the commercial purpose of the company is customer satisfaction. Not having a clear and effective process knowledge and customer tracking, it is a track determining weight of this for the company.

All the time to devote to the preparation and knowledge of the customer and their circumstances, will be rewarded with more abundant and profitable sales, there is no question of talking much, it’s a matter of knowing what to say and propose the best solution for the conditions presented by the buying, so look for the answers to these vital questions 9 to have options to sell.

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