7 Ways to find out what your audience wants and how to create epic content

Good content sells. Good content becomes. Good content helps with SEO.And sometimes, it works like magic: It popularizes, creates influx of traffic and helps you achieve your goals. But what exactly is a “good content”?How can you. Produce something so good to popularize and help you achieve your goals?

Internet is full of content similar appearance. Many of the articles that you will find it sound as if the had read before. The unique content is difficult to produce, and it is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more websites understand the importance of content marketing. Seeing this, how can you. Produce great content (greatest good) that stands out above others?

Responds to the needs of people

As sounds. This is one of the hardest things to do in terms of marketing. What’s even harder is to get the “answer” to the content that people are looking for. In this article, I will discuss the ways through which you. You can figure out exactly what your target audience needs for you. You can offer it.

7 Ways to find out what your audience wants and how to create epic contentIf you think about it, this is precisely what allows websites survive. If your content answers, solve and help, will you. To gain confidence and your brand will become an authority. The trick is to find out what your audience wants. We present seven resources to help you figure this out.

  1. Forums competition

One of the most ridiculously simple methods, although it might be a bit controversial, is “spy” the presence of your competition on the web. Some see this as something unethical but personally I think it is good both customers and for my own business analyze what the competition is doing (and do better) by.

If you. A professional SEO and works for a customer to purchase content with SEO purposes, this strategy offers the possibility to position the client’s business in a very advantageous position. If done well, it can also be a great opportunity to take advantage of the shortcomings of their competence and use it to create an advantage for your business and your target audience.

For those who think that this practice is unethical, there’s nothing like a little passionate and opinionated to generate click-through, conversions traffic and content. Your customers love.


Comments are a great way to capture your target audience. But beyond that, if you. Treated with B2C (Business-to-Consumer), comments shed light on the needs of your target audience.

When we speak of comments, I speak not only comments on its website only. Comments are made on many websites and forums. Comments threads run through hundreds of websites like Reddit. Discussion forums are awash with people talking about something, expressing their need on a particular issue.

These are areas that you. Can extract excellent ideas for its content. You should. Train your creative neurons to discern what issues are still repeating and are therefore more likely to gain activity when they are published. But do not miss the opportunity to create something epic simply because a handful of users are talking about it. I can you. Meet, without realizing, at the forefront.

  1. Polls (online and offline)

The surveys are boring. Many people often pass by without even a look. But you. You can get some useful advice through surveys. So what should you. Do some kind of study? If you. Have the resources and a user base enough to get a lot of valuable information, then go ahead.

But you should not rely solely on their surveys to decipher the needs of your target audience. You can Vd. search surveys conducted by others, both online and in magazines, newspapers and other means offline.

Surveys are good because of the thousands of respondents, only a few hundred answered. And most people who answers is particularly interested in something (which is precisely that to which they devote additional time to answer boring questions). The results provide a kind of funnel through which a target group is giving you ideas about what content should include or deal.

  1. Keyword Search … Tools Trends, Related and Adwords

This is a method old hat but extremely effective that, despite everything, still not enough used.

The Trends of Google can tell you the level of interest that people show towards a particular topic. You can Vd. catch generic keywords in your niche and take a look at the trends. This may not give you ideas for your content directly, but will help you see what is “fashionable”. With these data in its possession, you can. Then identify specific keywords and then ideas for themes.

If you. Have little time, the Related Keywords (or related searches) from Google is a great tool to start your study of content and production. The related searches at the bottom of each search page. When you. See a long string of a keyword, write it down, make a preliminary about her search and if the predictions are sufficiently promising (search volume, competition, ROI of a particular subject), can you. Produce content on that theme.

Speaking of long strings of keywords, Google Adwords tool has helped me to see what people want. Key short words are generic and do not lead directly to give ideas of topics, but long strings of keywords are a clear indication of what people want. Have you. Many possibilities tripping over a lot of keywords around which you can design a complete content strategy.

  1. Social networks

Nothing can with social networks as regards the expression of personal opinions. If you are very lost by not find appropriate sites, social networks can be a direct indicator of the interests of users and a source of ideas for content. The key is knowing where to look.

Twitter: The #hashtags is a good place to start. Experts have your niche Twitter conversations that might lead to ideas really satisfy the specific issues that need to be discussed in the universe of Twitter.

The pages of Facebook and Google: Web pages of different brands (companies) try to capture your audience at a high level. This can generate reviews that people can request something explicitly. Take note of this and can you. Reach well become the forefront of content creation utility that points directly to your target audience.

  1. Product Forums, customer service

If your niche has a product and people seek support, it is very likely to be a forum somewhere. If your client produces a product, find out if there are forums and support pages related to it. Such forums are a goldmine that can be exploited to know exactly what your audience needs.

But if there is already a support page, would not that cover the same ground? Why produce content about the same again? Because the support pages are not exhaustive, intense, and often are not as friendly as you.

Also, if you. Works as a professional SEO for a website that covers a particular market (not a product), you can figure out what the end user needs by identifying products associated or sales points where the user gets something. You can Vd. properly weave your content to strengthen this aspect.

  1. E-commerce

This is widely applied to specific products in a particular market. Suppose you. Or your client runs a website on information notch headphones. How do you generate. Content that is not only unique but also interesting enough to attract visitors and solve problems so you can you. Build trust, authority and followers?

Go to sites associated products are sold. It could well be the list of JBL headphones looking at Amazon or Ebay Sennheiser headset. Read summaries of customers, comments and talk in general about the product. Many of them on Amazon or similar websites can you. Find!

When you. Review the summaries, you will find some interesting suggestions, some tips and potential perceptions about the product. This is a very specific information will cost you find elsewhere. And it is real.

What do you think sort all this information and collect it in a great article that helps customers make an informed decision? Bingo! You just. To point somewhat.


The conclusion is simple: If you put in place the client knows that you accurately what people are talking about and what they require.. . And when you responds to it; its content, no matter if your content is boring or short, it serves a definite purpose, making it more valuable.

And after all, it is the user that matters … for everything related to your brand and your return on investment.

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