What Your Smile Says about You

Although you may not realise it, your smile can influence how people feel about you and relate to you. A big, happy smile, full of confidence, makes a good first impression and helps people to relax in your company. For conveying feelings, a genuine friendly smile says more than words ever can, so smile whenever you can.

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Interpersonal Relationships

In a business environment, a confident smile can show professionalism and leadership skills. It can also give the impression that you are intelligent, flexible and able to take on challenges successfully. People who smile more are also perceived to be trustworthy and honest, so smiling can bring many rewards.

In your personal life, a large smile can show that you are willing to accept other people and that you are happy in yourself. People who smile often can come across as more attractive to others.

Your Smile

When you smile, the first thing people notice is your eyes. These can demonstrate how genuine your smile is because smiling with just the mouth and not the eyes can look as though you do not really mean it. The next thing people look at is your teeth. It was Hippocrates who linked the shape of a person’s teeth with certain traits and it is possible that the shapes of our teeth give out different messages about our personality to the observer.

The attractiveness of your smile also depends on the alignment of your teeth, and this is where you may need to check out a specialist dental clinic such as www.uksmile.com among others if you have gaps or uneven teeth. There are many treatments available to improve your smile, from implants to replace lost teeth to incognito braces in London and across the country.

A scientific study carried out over three decades, followed a group of people from the photos in their yearbooks for thirty years, and concluded that the people who were really smiling in their photos enjoyed happier lives than those whose smiles did not look so genuine. The yearbook photos were also viewed by strangers who were asked to report what they assumed about the personalities of the people photographed. Those who were smiling were judged as more competent and positive than those who were not smiling.

The first impression created by your smile can colour what people think about your personality.

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