Rhinoplasty to improve the image of your nose

Do not you feel comfortable whenever you contemplate your nose to the other side of the mirror? Beyond purely aesthetic reasons, malformations in the nasal septum can cause serious breathing difficulties over time. The rhinoplasty without surgery can become the best alternative to consider.

Trauma nose fracture nasal bones, dislocations isolated septum or a growth disorder of the nasal cartilage are some of the factors that could explain the changes to our wall you can see exposed.

Precisely in order to repair or improve the appearance and functionality of our noses, treatments such as rhinoplasty can be very useful. Mainly used to improve the inside of our nose (nasal septum) causing air to flow much better in both holes, this method can be used at the same time to improve our outward appearance in order to repair our appearance.

Rhinoplasty to improve the image of your noseCare before and after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is very commonly used in the field of plastic surgery to change the size of the nose, the angle of the nasal bridge or narrow the opening of the nostrils.

Before performing this type of treatment with surgery, experts recommend follow a set of basic care that everything runs smoothly. Without going any further, the month before the operation is not recommended not to use any product inhaled. In the days before the surgery, it is advisable to perform a series of breathing exercises, breathing in and out gently through your mouth with a stuffy nose. At the same time, it is essential to avoid taking medication or aspirin during the two weeks before and after surgery.

Once you have made the treatment of rhinoplasty, it is possible to appear some bruises or swelling, but disappear in one or two weeks. It is essential to keep the head and chest elevated to rest, trying at all times not turn his head sideways.

After the first 24 hours you have to wash your face with cold water, avoid wetting the dressing at all times. Equally interesting it is to apply chamomile frost gauze over the eyes every 15 minutes during the first 48 hours.

On the other hand, it is recommended to eat soft and cold during the first two days after rhinoplasty, avoiding alcohol intake for 14 days, and talk as little as possible.

Nor do you have to take the sun on your face, blowing your nose or sneezing open mouth or wear contact lenses in the first week. Once the blockage is removed, it is advisable to administer saline in both nostrils every three hours.

Benefits of rhinoplasty without surgery

However, if you do not want to submit to the effects of surgery, today accounts with centers and professionals who can apply rhinoplasty without surgery so you can treat malformations such as cleft palate or consequences lip, deviations to the right or left and other aesthetic problems. With this type of treatment softer, fine proportions are achieved and that, ultimately, improve the appearance of our skin from non – invasive techniques.

Until not too long ago, the only alternative was to achieve such results from rhinoplasty surgery, but today can be undertaken by introducing special skin preparations.

There are different types of rhinoplasty as those used, for example, hormonal drugs to correct the wings of the nose and tip. On the other hand, when it is required to lift the tip of the nose or adjust the nostrils through microscopic holes talking about a type of rhinoplasty non surgical thread . Finally, you can use resorbable gels, ideal for taking down small depressions, dents.

Among the benefits that this type of rhinoplasty you can provide versus conventional surgery is that the use of general anesthesia is not required, the result is immediate and tolerated by the patient in most cases.

What you think about you the rhinoplasty without surgery? Does have ever used? How was the experience?

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