Look Great Whatever the Time of Day

90% of women (and an increasing number of men) apply cosmetics every day to enhance their appearance. To apply makeup well takes time, effort and practice, which can prove tricky in this increasingly busy world. Well-applied makeup is difficult when women have poor eyesight, and it is something that alopecia sufferers would not like to face the world without. Thanks to modern technology, the perfect solution is available, and semi permanent makeup in London is definitely setting the pace.

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As well as enhancing appearance, good makeup really is a confidence booster, and semi permanent make up ensures that you look terrific whatever the hour.

The Perfect Solution for Everyone

Modern technology has been used with great success to ensure that you can look your best 24 hours a day. The underlying process for semi-permanent make-up is tattooing, which is used to naturally enhance eyes, eyelashes, brows and lips. The natural pigment of iron oxide is applied in the chosen shade to the dermatological layer of the skin. This may sound painful, but in reality it is no more painful than plucking eyebrows or pinching the skin. This method suits everyone, as it is hypoallergenic, emollient and non-reactive.

Beautiful Eyes and Sensuous Lips

Eyes can be enhanced with semi-permanent eyeliner and eyelashes can be defined to look longer and thicker. Eyebrows will often lose their shape after years of plucking and uneven hair growth, but semi-permanent brows look shapely and emphasise the eyes perfectly. Sadly, not everyone has the plump and youthful lips that they would like, and age can make lips lighter in colour and thinner in shape. However, semi-permanent lips in the chosen shade look stunning.

You can learn more about these treatments by visiting a salon such as that of www.jemma-upton.co.uk. The staff will be happy to discuss the options available to you.

Once the treatment has been completed, clients can relax and feel confident that they will look their best from morning through to night. The treatment lasts for about five years, but this is dependant on many factors, including exposure to UV rays and the age of skin. Colours do eventually fade, and it is recommend that clients have a top-up at the twelve-month and three-year points to ensure that they continue to have looks that turn heads.

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