Why cyber attacks are a threat to the haulage sector

We cannot take seriously enough the threat that cyber crime poses to business. From international corporations down to small businesses, everyone who relies on a computer system is vulnerable unless they protect themselves. The haulage sector is no exception.

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Global cyber attacks like Wannacry may only make the headlines occasionally, but the truth is that computer systems around the world are constantly bombarded by attempted cyber attacks. In fact, 40% of businesses and 20% of charities were victims of cyber security attacks in the 12 months to April 2018, according to a report published on the Government website.


Having an out of date, unsupported operating system and poor antivirus software leaves computer systems wide open to attack. In addition, workers themselves can unwittingly allow malicious software onto their companies’ systems, and it can be something as simple as clicking on a link in an email, which can allow malicious software to install itself and wreak havoc. Once they gain access to your computer system, cyber criminals can bring organisations to their knees, by corrupting their files, stealing funds and information, and blocking access to the system while demanding ransom money.

The effects of a cyber attack can be devastating to a haulier: there’s the revenue lost while being offline, the costs of repairing and restoring systems, plus potential legal costs such as compensation payouts to customers who have suffered indirectly. The financial strain can be enough to put organisations out of business.

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Take Action

Haulage business owners must be responsible for ensuring that their systems are secure, with the latest security updates and software for preventing viruses and malware. Employees must be trained to recognise potential scam emails which may contain viruses or links to malicious websites. Consult an expert who can help guide you in the best prevention methods. Think about taking out cyber insurance to protect against the costs of an attack.

As a haulage firm, your HGV Insurance company may already offer insurance against cyber attacks, but if not, there are plenty of insurance companies such as https://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/hgv-insurance who you can call to discuss your options.

Criminals don’t discriminate. Any computer system with a vulnerability is a target for them, no matter what their size or the business sector they’re in. Be smart and make sure your systems are protected and insured.

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