Family cars, your biggest advantage on the road

Do you plan to purchase a vehicle with enough space to travel comfortably with your loved ones? The family car, station wagon or ranchers will become your best buys against sports, coupes, urban or large SUVs.

Beyond the design printed on its body, maximum safety and incorporating the latest advances in technology, comfort is one of the most demanding when road undertake extensive tours requirements. A family car as the model bmw series 2 active tourer we will offer these advantages.

Family cars, your biggest advantage on the roadFamily cars, the best allies of the road

For its part, the carriers will allow us to make the most of your space, at the same time are higher, have very different storage compartments inside, and maximum modularity inside. On this last point, they usually have in most cases three independent seats in the rear of the vehicle.

However, minivans have a less youthful aesthetic a higher center of gravity and more body movements accused by having a much higher position driving.

Today, the emergence of SUVs and minivans as well as the very different best techniques incorporated into their structure, have largely supplanted conventional saloons. It is true that, at first, by the multifarious advantages mentioned in previous lines, the minivan is quite large, but also consumes too. Meanwhile, the new SUV have large trunks and are often more attractive, although they are more expensive at the time of purchase and maintain.

Even today, the family car hatchback remains one of the most popular options. Given what we can offer minivans, family cars are lighter, have a lower center of mass and are more aerodynamic, but what does all this mean? Neither more nor less than a consumption lower fuel engines equal more agility in driving and better performance. Image and presence are some of the strengths of the SUV and 4 × 2 models, family cars are more sensible and efficient.

Although the carriers have considerably improved their behavior and equipment options, the truth is that does not win the game to family saloons on issues of versatility and interior flexibility by having equipped rear seats of independent movements in order to provide more space to boot. All this to say nothing of accessibility with the highest seats to place safety seats for children, being remarkable degree of comfort, ideal for elderly people traveling with us.

BMW Series 2 Active Tourer, a station wagon with style

Through family cars as the model BMW 2 Series Active Tourer will enjoy a superior road holding with a step curve is much safer and better quality rolling.

This model BMW has a unique design, incorporating the most dynamic with a shaped skirt, low windshield and a high bonnet, which undoubtedly will become a more appealing to all lovers of the world of automotive reason. The most striking lines located profile will enhance its dynamic side, to the point that seems to accelerate, even when standing still.

The headlights of the vehicle incorporated, efficient and intense, bi-LED lights thanks to innovative technology will get better side lighting in urban environments. As for its interior design, we cannot lose their ample space, with a clear predominance of the feeling of lightness. Its wood surfaces with new finishes are combined perfectly with leather upholstery and fabric, at the same time will offer a greater feeling of spaciousness.

You can enjoy natural light through its panoramic glass roof, which has a shutter, which can easily close if the sunlight is too intense. Another of the highlights of this vehicle is convenience, represented at the opening of the tailgate Contactless any, passenger seat with folding backrest, comfort loading and adjustable rear seat.

Nor should we overlook the diverse services offered by in order to facilitate your road trips as they can be the equipment BMW Connected Drive with very different functions of information, entertainment and services on the road.

One is BMW Online, which provides access to current and local information on topics such as weather or news, will enable online searches and office functions. In the menu “Applications” you may collect a number of services such as parking information can be, webcams, travel guides and hotels. On the other hand, the original accessory BMW Car Hotspot LTE offers the possibility of eight users surf the Internet at high speed.

What do you think to you the features and amenities that bring us the family car?

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