UK premiers new health app in a bid to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke

The app which is called my heart counts  will measure heart activity and help strengthen cardiovascular research.

The design of the app is to register the heart activity and give useful advice how to keep a healthy heart based on what the results say. It is anticipated that this will massively reduce the chances of heart disease.

Throughout a week of activity data and using a walking test of 6 minutes to find out a user’s risk  score. The app gives health advice as well as sending the results to researchers at Stamford University as part of a bigger survey.

There is an option to have a quarterly check which is reminded on iphones despite not originating as an apple product. It is hoped it would increase the amount of volunteers for medical research.

It is a predicted success because it is using an every day device to potentially preventing people from diseases.

The FAQ of the app insists the app is very secure and all personal information will be saved to a secure computer which also involves the removal of a user’s name.

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