Could campervans be the next alternative investment craze?

From humble beginnings, camper vans have seen marked upgrades in recent years and an incredible popularity that shows no sign of slowing. Could a motorhome actually be a novel but smart investment?

Could campervans be the next alternative investment craze

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From then to now

The all-time classic camper van, the Volkswagen camper, has become an iconic symbol of Britain and free-spirited travel. The newer VW California is in a class of its own, showcasing top gadgetry and interiors that will set you back upwards of £50,000. If you’re feeling even more flush, check out the Mercedes Marco Polo at the high end of the range.

Volkswagen is now set to make waves with the reinvention of its Microbus which, in 2022, will be all-electric and have self-driving capabilities, while retaining the retro vibe that VW fans are so enamoured with

In 2016, there was a 10.6% increase in newly registered campers within Europe, and a 50% increase in sales of VW’s California model, suggesting the industry is strong and showing no signs of decline. Over in the US, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association predicts 2017 to see a record number of RV shipments.

Could campervans be the next alternative investment craze 2

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Could a camper be a worthwhile investment?

Owning a motorhome may not be on the life achievement list for many, but it can still be an investment worth considering. A 2 year old VW California can go for the same price as a new one, and you could be looking at £35,000 for a good condition one that’s got five years under its belt. They certainly don’t seem to depreciate in value anywhere near as quickly as an ordinary car.

To finance your pride and joy, it’s possible to get a loan over a decade, for a camper that’s already 7 year old when you buy it. There’s also plenty of choice when it comes to models and manufacturers, so you can consider buying locally, from companies like Welsh Coast Campers (, for knowledgable and professional service.

With many struggling to get on the property ladder and fears rising over the stability of the market, it may not be as silly as it sounds to invest in a motorhome. At least in 2017, you can have one fully kitted out with the latest technology and home comforts, and head off in search of good weather at your leisure.

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