Archaic Web Design Techniques You Need to Stop Using

The internet is a constantly evolving melting pot of individuals and businesses vying for attention while seeking to secure a lasting stake in the market.

And although the web as we know it has been around for more than two decades, it is still in the very early stages of its development, with emerging trends shifting the balance of power on a regular basis.

Archaic Web Design Techniques You Need to Stop Using

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As a result, it is important for organisations of all sizes to keep abreast of the online marketplace and make sure that their websites are taking the same trajectory as the most successful domains at any given time.

Harnessing a relationship based on your location is important from a Swansea SEO agency to one in London agencies such as are great to approach for those who need outside assistance with their site. But it is also important to understand the design features and strategies which worked in the past but have since been rendered irrelevant, so here are some signs that may indicate your site is in need of an overhaul.

Desktop Over-Dependence

If a website is easiest to view and control from a desktop PC or laptop, then you will alienate a vast audience of mobile users who browse solely from small touchscreen devices. And the importance of mobile optimisation is such that Google has recently started to use it as a ranking signal.

Responsive site design is the best way to overcome an over-dependence on desktop visitors, since it will allow your online presence to adapt automatically to whatever device is used to access it. Many major firms and media outlets have already embraced this change, which is why smaller organisations are now in a position to benefit.

Avoid Over-Designing

Another problem with sites that have not been revised in a while can have a crippling level of complexity in things such as the interface design, on-page content and overall ethos. Minimalism is very much on trend at the moment, and it shows in a range of areas, including mobile operating systems.

Simplifying the design of a site is advantageous not only because it is fashionable, but also because it makes sites more streamlined and easier to adapt to mobile browsers when a responsive approach is taken. So there should be more than enough motivation to pursue this avenue.

Generic Content

Content is an incredibly important part of any site, both in terms of text and multimedia elements. But sites can start to look outdated if they rely too heavily on stock photography, generic copy and a generally bland use of media.

Instead, it is important to use unique content where possible and create a homogenised tone of voice for your brand which can be consistent across the entire site. This does not mean that following in the footsteps of other successful online outlets is out of the question – quite the opposite. It is merely sensible to think about how carefully content is put together, how it is presented and whether it is shareable in a world where social media is increasingly driving clicks.

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