Man’s best friend

Human being would not have got very far it if weren’t for there humble companion and lifelong friend the good old Dog. Yes, they maybe descended from Wolves, but it didn’t take us long to be able to domestic them … read more

Tackling the Teen Talk about Sex

Most of us find talking about sex embarrassing and will do anything we can to avoid the subject. However, could this have a negative impact on our teenage children? Might they be entering into relationships unarmed with sufficient knowledge to … read more

Keeping your gutters healthy

Guttering on a house is a system of troughs used for the purpose of collecting rainwater that runs off a roof. They act to channel the rainwater into downspouts and away from your roof, windows and foundations. Most common are … read more

New Year, New Home

As the new year rolls in, we often start thinking about changes we would like to make. Moving to a new house is a big commitment, and an expense. It could be a lot cheaper to make your current home … read more