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Six uses for a pressure washer

Pressure washers are more popular than ever. Hand-powered versions are available for under £20, electric for under £100, and industrial ones begin at about £1,000; however, regardless of the power of the washer, it is unusual to see them being … read more

How to re-invent an old dresser

Many people have old pieces of furniture in their home that no longer excite them. Instead of throwing out old furniture, there are many ways to upcycle and revamp the piece to create something new and fresh. Read on for … read more

How to book your wedding registrar

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirl of planning a wedding, but before you get distracted thinking about dresses, flowers, cakes, and honeymoons, don’t forget the one thing you really need to make your ceremony legal: a wedding … read more

Five advantages of vacuum forming

Vacuum moulding has revolutionised many manufacturing processes. The ability to heat a plastic sheet, and use a vacuum to force it into a mould, means that the old method of making parts in different moulds and sealing them together has … read more