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The myths and facts of silicone moulding

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection moulding is an incredibly versatile process; however, despite its growing use in the manufacture of consumer goods, automotive parts and medical equipment, myths persist about LSR moulding and its benefits. Image Credit If you are … read more

Generators: 5 Essential Applications

Generators are used in both commercial and residential situations, whether they’re as a back-up when normal power supplies fail or as a permanent fixture. Let’s take a look at five essential applications for generators. Image Credit Back-up for Business Depending … read more

Some of the best uses of Brise Soleil

Where direct sunlight can cause temperatures to rise inside buildings, architects use brise soleil as a solution to this overheating. They consist of structures which provide sun-shading and designs can range from the purely functional to the elaborate. Some are … read more