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Scottish Renaissance

Glasgow of the 1980’s was seen as a dour, post-industrial place where violence and squalor was commonplace. However, 1990 changed all that. This was the year that the city was voted the European City of Culture, an honour which saw … read more

Web design with a Rockstar

Bryan Adams, the Canadian crooner, has been a very successful singer songwriter for decades but did you know that he actually spent most of the 1960’s growing up in Reading? His father was in the armed forces and the family … read more

Wood you believe it?

Who has timber built houses? Well anyone who lives in an old Tudor house will. Tudor houses were made from timber and something called wattle and daub. Wattle is a series of intertwined sticks placed in a wall between posts … read more

Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring

Due to its natural appearance and warmth underfoot, many people prefer traditional hardwood floors for their homes. They are often amongst the benefits of purchasing an older home. Meanwhile, many newer builds are laying down laminate wood flooring to allow … read more

Camping – Do it Doggy Style

Trekking is a very popular form of exercise but did you know that your furry, four-legged best friend might love it too? As modern dogs are descended from the wolf, it makes perfect sense that some breeds will relish the … read more