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Does Agile have any pitfalls?

Agile means a way of working where people are empowered to work when, where and how they choose. Or does it? Following the success of the Agile methodology in software development, the word has recently been appropriated to apply more … read more


One of the most incredible natural features in the world the Rainbow is a visual treat and a welcome appearance as it means that there is sunlight coming after the rain. There is always the chance that a Leprechaun has … read more

F1 to Cease Use of Grid Girls

Formula One is making a clear choice about what they want to stand for by scrapping the concept of grid girls from the start of the 2018 world championship season Image Credit Kids The motorsport announced last week that they … read more

Tie a yellow ribbon…

Round the ole oak tree as the hit from the early 70’s goes. However what Dawn and Tony Orlando may not have realised is how incredibly important this tree has been to Britain over the centuries. It has provided shelter … read more

The best ways to store your tools

It’s easy to end up with too many tools for a standard toolbox, especially if you enjoy carpentry or DIY. You can easily end up with a toolbox that overflows, meaning that your workspace is constantly filled with leftover tools … read more

A short history of glassblowing

Natural glass has always been around, as it is created when high temperatures cause some rocks to melt before they cool and solidify quickly. The glass craft can also be traced back many thousands of years. Image Credit A hollow … read more